Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ski - Snowboard trip info

The plan will be to leave as soon as possible once schools lets out. Most like 3:30-4:00 from St John's parking lot (upper). We'll get in late Friday night/early Saturday morning (8-9 hour drive,weather looks good for driving (bring pillow and activities as desired).  We'll leave Monday morning on the return trip and get in mid afternoon (3-4 pm). 

Food: breakfast will be at the Hotel. Lunch will be on at the ski hill (we'll bring snacks).  Dinner will be out in local area or we'll order pizza. 
16-19 Jan (leave Friday right after school and return Monday)
- $79.00 per day for lift ticket and ski rental ($158.00)
- $98.00 per day for lift ticket and snowboard rental ($196.00)
- Lodging: Holiday Inn Express Princeton WV. Cost is $205 per person for 3 nights ($68.00 per night). 2 per room (2 queen size beds per room). I have reserved 5 rooms at this time. 
- Total cost: appr $368.00 lodging/skis/lift ticket (snowboarding $38.00 more).

 Look like weather over the weekend will be highs 30-40s, lows 20-30s, and Sunday


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