Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The ventures of a wonderful ski trip.

First thanks to "Mr. K" for putting in the time and effort to lead this venture. 
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The ski and snow board trip to Winterplace WV was wonderful.  Nine venturing souls climbed into a Prius and a SUV for the seven hour trip each way.

The trip up was highlighted by a stop at Stefano's Pizza, a Knoxville favorite, near the UT Campus. If you ever visit, the whole wheat crust is the way to go. While waiting for the pizza a few of the group were able to play Ms. Pac-Man on a vintage table top machine.

 Don't let anyone tell you that you can't eat steaming hot pizza in a car because this group is proof otherwise.

The weather was warm enough that it was like skiing in the springtime.  Plus the resort was well run and the mattresses at the Holiday Inn Express were fantastic at the end of a enjoyable but tiring day.

The gang suited up for the big day
and looked happy to tackle the mountain


There were a few tumbles here and there as the gang all improved
their skills. It was so enjoyable that
several individual took in the night skiing and snow boarding. At least one person was able to catch some air on purpose.

As with any ski trip eating is an important part and the group enjoyed a warm breakfast at the hotel, hearty burgers at the slopes and wonderful dinner of eggs, french toast and more at the local Cracker Barrel.

 You must always practice safety while skiing and snow boarding as well as keep an eye out for the crazy looking people.

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